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Introduction :     The library is working in cooperation with the Adams County Historical Society  to expand this database to include all death notices appearing in Gettysburg newspapers from November 1800 to the present. It should be noted that that the names appearing here are typed exactly as they appeared in the various papers. Many names have variant spellings and researchers should search under several possible combinations to ensure accuracy in finding information. Neither the library nor the Society authenticates or otherwise verifies the information listed here. The information will not be changed but is listed as it originally appeared in publication.  

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100 Sample Entries:
Small, Patricia J.   Born: 7/19/1935 at Orrtanna Died: 2/10/2014 at Waynesboro Hospital, Waynesboro, PA
Weaver, Leo Curtis   Born: 7/24/1929 at Littlestown Died: 2/1/2014 at Transitions Health Care Center, Gettysburg, PA
Urey, Barbara Dawn   Born: 4/7/1962 at Gettysburg Died: 1/29/2014 at
Herring, Betty Mae   Born: 1/28/1948 at Chambersburg PA Died: 1/29/2014 at York Hospital
Topper Jr., Rosville C.   Born: 11/18/1925 at New Oxford Died: 2/1/2014 at Genesis Center
Koontz, Robert L.   Born: 11/20/1916 at Emmitsburg, MD Died: 3/25/2014 at Genesis Gettysburg Center
Kimple, Kay V.   Born: 11/9/1944 at  Died: 3/25/2014 at Falling Spring Nursing Center, Chambersburg, PA
Heverly, Corrine E.   Born: 11/4/1925 at McSherrystown Died: 3/31/2014 at Manor Care North, York, PA
Gerle, Robert E.   Born: 11/17/1939 at Glen Cove, New York Died: 3/31/2014 at Gettysburg
Kirschner, Dawn A.   Born: 11/7/1960 at Syracuse, NY Died: 3/28/2014 at Glen Rock, PA
Stem, Rachel E.   Born: 10/30/1957 at Keyser, W.VA Died: 3/30/2014 at Fairfield
Black, Nancy S.   Born: 5/29/1934 at Gettysburg Died: 3/30/2014 at York Hospital
Leonard, Betty Jane   Born: 9/17/1923 at Adams Co., PA Died: 3/26/2014 at Arendtsville PA
Johnson, Rosetta J.   Born: 11/30/1923 at Buchanan Valley Died: 3/26/2014 at Gettysburg Hospital
Hull, Norma Isabel   Born: 7/8/1930 at Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Died: 3/26/2014 at Lower Burrell
Graham, David A.   Born:  at  Died:  at Gettysburg
Byers Jr., Henry L.   Born: 10/26/1942 at Gettysburg Died: 3/20/2014 at Transition Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA
Lefler, Jacob A.   Born: 4/1/1991 at Hanover Died: 3/21/2014 at littlestown
White, Amy Lynn   Born: 8/11/1970 at Gettysburg Died: 3/21/2014 at Frederick Memorial Hospital
Shanebrook, Patricia M.   Born: 3/17/1924 at Adams Co., PA Died: 3/22/2014 at Gettysburg Lutheran Retirement Village
Pecher, Joseph A.   Born: 8/12/1929 at Fairfield Died: 3/22/2014 at York Hospital
Heffner, Charles H.   Born: 6/20/1937 at Orrtanna Died: 3/21/2014 at Gettysburg Lutheran Center, Gettysburg, PA
Phiel, Alice Marie Shealer   Born: 10/7/1927 at Gettysburg Died: 4/3/2014 at Brethren Home Community, Cross Keys Village
Wagner, Laura M.   Born: 5/30/1923 at Spring Grove, PA Died: 4/1/2014 at Claremont Nursing & Rehabilitation
Anderson, Dale C.   Born: 9/11/1940 at Chicago Died: 3/12/2014 at Ninilchik, Alaska
Sentz, J. David   Born: 11/17/1921 at Gettysburg Died: 3/13/2014 at Hanover Hospital
Blosser, Linda S.   Born: 3/11/1961 at Gettysburg Died: 3/11/2014 at Gettysburg
Griffith, Shirley M.   Born: 11/8/1933 at Hopewell, VA Died: 3/11/2014 at Biglerville
Wortz, Gregory Dean   Born: 11/27/1947 at Fairfield Died: 4/4/2014 at Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Gingrow, Rhea Schott   Born: 12/16/1918 at Hanover Died: 4/6/2014 at Hanover Hall
Staub, Lawrence J.   Born: 8/15/1947 at Hanover Died: 4/5/2014 at Gettysburg Hospital
Alexander, Norma Jean   Born: 3/4/1937 at Bristol, TN Died: 4/6/2014 at Fairfield
Dewberry, Ella L. Brown   Born: 9/26/1945 at Gettysburg Died: 4/3/2014 at York Hospital
Nuaimy, Helen C.   Born: 1/10/1935 at  Died: 4/1/2014 at
Conley, Thomas H.   Born: 6/28/1957 at York Died: 4/2/2014 at Gardners PA
Sneeringer, Edward M.   Born: 3/22/1972 at Harrisburg Died: 4/5/2014 at Harrisburg Hospital
Zumbrum, Douglas N.   Born: 10/16/1953 at Hanover Died: 4/5/2014 at New Oxford PA
Krawczyk, Eleanor   Born: 3/10/1925 at Baltimore, MD Died: 4/5/2014 at Gettysburg
Smith Sr., Irvin L.   Born: 11/6/1926 at Cranberry, Pa. Died: 4/5/2014 at Gettysburg Hospital.
Myers, Darlene S.   Born: 5/20/1948 at Balitmore, MD Died: 4/4/2014 at Dover
Goodacre, Isabelle Rodgers   Born: 11/20/1918 at Coaldale, PA Died: 4/8/2014 at Transitions Health Care Center, Gettysburg, PA
Eichelberger, Evelyn G.   Born: 7/23/1922 at York Springs Died: 4/7/2014 at Church of God Home, Carlisle, PA
Monroe III, William H. H.   Born: 11/28/1967 at Olney, MD Died: 4/3/2014 at Aspers PA
Shryock, Christine M.   Born: 7/25/1918 at Middletown Died: 4/9/2014 at Harrisburg, PA
Beard, Paul William   Born: 5/17/1926 at Westminster, MD Died: 2/3/2014 at Westminster, MD
Hilbert, Rev. Joseph C.   Born:  at Lancaster Died:  at St. Anne's Retirement Community, Columbia
Felix Jr., Dale R.   Born: 9/4/1948 at Boneauville Died: 12/22/2013 at Carroll, lowa
Deardorff, Dora E.   Born: 12/17/1928 at Chambersburg PA Died: 3/6/2014 at Cashtown PA
Marvon, Richard T.   Born: 3/22/1930 at Brooklyn, NY Died: 3/7/2014 at Gettysburg Hospital
Gliem, Audrey L.   Born: 8/4/1927 at Schuylkill Haven, PA Died: 3/7/2014 at Schuylkill Center
Elicker, Joseph E.   Born: 11/26/1968 at York Died: 3/5/2014 at Gettysburg Hospital
Rhodes, Matthew C.   Born: 8/31/1981 at Gettysburg , PA Died: 3/7/2014 at New Oxford PA
Warren, Vesta T.   Born: 6/11/1921 at Menallen Township Died: 3/8/2014 at Transition Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA
Millhimes, Harman C. 'Tiny'   Born: 5/28/1934 at New Chester Died: 3/4/2014 at Hanover Hospital
Eye, Clyde E.   Born: 3/14/1957 at Shady Springs, W. Va. Died: 3/2/2014 at East Berlin PA
Rohanna, Edward J.   Born: 2/27/1923 at Mannington, VA Died: 3/3/2014 at Venetia, PA
Stull, Richard   Born:  at  Died:  at
Dixon, Michael E.   Born: 8/2/1942 at Wellsboro, PA Died: 3/6/2014 at Gettysburg Hospital
Straus, Anthony J.   Born: 5/7/1930 at New York, NY Died: 3/4/2014 at Gettysburg
Stitt Sr., Robert M.   Born:  at New Chester, Adams Co., PA Died:  at
Roberts, Stanford F.   Born: 7/18/1931 at Tullytown, Pa. Died: 3/5/2014 at Biglerville PA
Leib, Alexander R.   Born: 7/20/1984 at Gettysburg , PA Died: 3/4/2014 at York
Kriel, Linda Jean   Born: 2/14/1947 at Rochester, NY Died: 3/5/2014 at Biglerville PA
Oyler, Guy Jack   Born:  at Philadelphia Died:  at Bretheran Home Community at Cross Keys Village, NO
Smith, Francis X.   Born: 12/9/1916 at Centenniel, PA Died: 3/19/2014 at Brethren Home Community, New Oxford, PA
Neely, Jo-Ellen A.   Born: 11/28/1925 at Orrtanna Died: 3/17/2014 at York Hospital
Lunsford, Lilliana Nancy   Born: 1/31/2013 at Hanover Died: 3/16/2014 at York Hospital
Hitchcock, Dr. Eric Michael   Born:  at  Died:  at Mechanicsburg, PA
Bender, Doris J.   Born: 8/4/1937 at Cumberland County Died: 3/16/2014 at Gardners PA
Day, Jean S.   Born: 7/19/1932 at York Springs Died: 3/15/2014 at Cross Keys Village, New Oxford, PA
Scott, Betty Muriel Alston   Born:  at Suffolk, England Died:  at Gettysburg
Six, Marlin C.   Born: 3/9/1936 at Carroll Co., MD Died: 3/24/2014 at Carroll Hospital Center
Myers, Mariana Katherine   Born: 7/24/1931 at Emmitsburg, MD Died: 3/22/2014 at Transition Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA
Preston, Mary D.   Born: 9/1/1934 at Emmitsburg, MD Died: 3/23/2014 at Manor Care Carlisle
Burcham, Margaret Heyser   Born: 8/8/1924 at Arlington, VA Died: 3/22/2014 at Village of Laurel Run, Fayetteville, PA
Graham, David A.   Born: 8/26/1951 at Mechanicsburg Died: 3/22/2014 at Gettysburg
Staub, Nicholas R.   Born: 9/12/1971 at Hanover Died: 2/2/2014 at York
Sanders, Effie Mae   Born: 12/15/1930 at Frederick, MD Died: 2/4/2014 at Golden Living Center, Gettysburg, PA
Sites-Lass, Elaine   Born:  at  Died:  at Clinton, Iowa
Woodson, R. Douglas   Born: 1/29/1953 at Gettysburg , PA Died: 2/5/2014 at Select Care Hospital, Camp Hill, PA
Kirby, Mary Harlene   Born: 3/24/1924 at Vinton, lowa Died: 2/4/2014 at Gettysburg Lutheran Retirement Village
Heflin Sr., Vernon L.   Born: 12/15/1927 at Winchester, VA Died: 1/29/2014 at Gettysburg
Staub, Mary M.   Born:  at Emmitsburg, MD Died:  at St. Mary Medical Center, Langhorne, Pa.
Bosserman, Mary J.   Born: 3/28/1957 at Hanover Died: 2/8/2014 at Aspers PA
Little, Sherlie M.   Born: 11/12/1927 at  Died: 2/2/2014 at Gettysburg
Sanders, Pearl I.   Born: 7/24/1918 at Adams Co., PA Died: 2/9/2014 at Orrtanna
Knaub, Hazel H.   Born: 5/31/1929 at Wellsville Died: 2/8/2014 at Manor Care Carlisle
Bair, Marguerite E.   Born: 1/5/1925 at Adams Co., PA Died: 2/8/2014 at York Springs
Hoffman, Jr., Alonzo Ellwood   Born: 2/11/1918 at York Springs Died: 2/14/2014 at York Springs, PA
Shaner, Doris M.   Born: 2/14/1931 at Boneauville, PA Died: 2/13/2014 at Brethren Home Community, New Oxford, PA
Campbell, Jack H.   Born: 4/14/1915 at New Liskerd, Ont., Canada Died: 2/1/2014 at Denton, MD
Smalley, Lacy Elizabeth (Waltz)   Born: 7/9/1924 at Baltimore, MD Died: 2/12/2014 at York General Hospital
Johnson, Catherine May   Born: 9/25/1929 at Arendtsville Died: 2/15/2014 at Gettysburg
Raber, Joyce M.   Born: 12/7/1946 at Hanover Died: 2/15/2014 at New Oxford PA
Leedy, Thomas E.   Born: 4/23/1939 at Chambersburg PA Died: 2/6/2014 at Biglerville PA
MacDonald-Fox, Annie Marie   Born: 6/21/1954 at Arlington, VA Died: 1/18/2014 at Dallas, Texas
Taylor, Lawrence E.   Born: 2/8/1940 at Bigerville Died: 2/19/2014 at Gettysburg Hospital
Johnson, Mildred D. 'Dimi'   Born: 10/4/1911 at York, PA Died: 2/18/2014 at Gettysburg Lutheran Retirement Village
Crawley Jr., Robert A.   Born: 3/21/1935 at Washington, D. C. Died: 2/11/2014 at Gettysburg Hospital
Staub, Agnes D.   Born: 9/11/1930 at McSherrystown Died: 2/19/2014 at McSherrystown PA