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Introduction :     The library is working in cooperation with the Adams County Historical Society  to expand this database to include all death notices appearing in Gettysburg newspapers from November 1800 to the present. It should be noted that that the names appearing here are typed exactly as they appeared in the various papers. Many names have variant spellings and researchers should search under several possible combinations to ensure accuracy in finding information. Neither the library nor the Society authenticates or otherwise verifies the information listed here. The information will not be changed but is listed as it originally appeared in publication.  

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100 Sample Entries:
Frontain, J. Normand   Born: 10/12/1924 at Cape St. Mary, Nova Scotia Died: 12/26/2012 at Gettysburg Hospital
Wicke Sr., John D.   Born: 9/8/1937 at St. Cloud, MINN Died: 12/26/2012 at Village of Laurel Run, Fayetteville, PA
French, Charlotte   Born: 3/16/1935 at Stewartstown, PA Died: 12/26/2012 at Gettybsurg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
Sebold, Terry J.   Born: 10/3/1961 at Gettysburg Died: 12/24/2012 at Fairfield
Krantz, B. Faye   Born: 3/2/1942 at Laurel, MD Died: 12/25/2012 at Carlisle Regional Hospital, Carlisle, PA
Lawrence, Mary L. 'Poof'   Born: 5/17/1930 at Hanover Died: 1/4/2013 at Transition Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA
Mowen, Virginia L.   Born: 8/14/1943 at Balitmore, MD Died: 1/3/2013 at Aspers, PA
Heller, Erma A.   Born: 5/2/1925 at Cumberland County Died: 1/3/2013 at Gettysburg Center
Wirt, Nadline E. (Golden)   Born: 5/3/1924 at Gettysburg, PA Died: 1/3/2013 at Gettysburg Hospital
Lower, Frances K.   Born: 7/21/1918 at Waynesboro Died: 1/2/2013 at Waynesboro
Krebs, Mabel L.   Born:  at  Died:  at Gettysburg Lutheran Center, Gettysburg, PA
Staub, Leone K.   Born: 7/27/1923 at Freeport, ILL Died: 1/3/2013 at Transition Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA
Rexroth Jr., Samuel R.   Born: 1/2/1963 at Gettysburg, PA Died: 1/2/2013 at Gettysburg, PA
Bagot, Ruth Beatrice   Born: 8/25/1923 at Gettysburg Died: 1/2/2013 at Gettysburg Lutheran Center, Gettysburg, PA
Rosenberry, James R.   Born:  at  Died:  at San Diego, CA
Weaver, Elva R.   Born: 2/28/1922 at Carroll Co., MD Died: 1/2/2013 at Chester County Hospital, West Chester, PA
Jackson, Fannie M.   Born: 3/22/1948 at Everglades City, FL Died: 12/31/2012 at Gettysburg, PA
Raffensperger, Elsie Laue   Born: 12/15/1927 at East Orange, N.J. Died: 12/30/2012 at Richmond Place in Lexington, KY
Potter Jr., Russel H.   Born: 3/3/1937 at  Died: 1/1/2013 at York Hospital, York, PA
James, Lyla R.   Born: 12/6/2011 at Harrisburg Died: 12/30/2012 at Chambersburg Hospital, Chambersburg, PA
Ridenour, Margaret M.   Born: 8/10/1953 at Gettysburg Died: 12/30/2012 at Gettybsurg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
Kirby Jr., James W. 'Sketter'   Born: 1/8/1937 at Washington D. C. Died: 1/5/2013 at Gettybsurg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
Kuhn, Paul W.   Born:  at Washington D.C. Died:  at Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA
Stewart, Virginia E.   Born: 8/13/1925 at Taneytown, MD Died: 12/17/2012 at Morning Glory Assisted Living, Littlestown, PA
Quigley, Teresa A.   Born: 8/12/1963 at Gettysburg, PA Died: 12/20/2012 at Fayetteville, PA
Orner, Dorothy T.   Born: 10/3/1938 at Gettysburg, PA Died: 12/22/2012 at Gettybsurg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
Eiker Sr., Gilbert V.   Born: 4/26/1921 at Emmitsburg, MD Died: 12/21/2012 at Emmitsburg MD
James, Carroll Everett   Born: 7/17/1930 at Ohio Died: 12/20/2012 at Golden Living Center, Gettysburg, PA
Cooley, Thelma M.   Born: 9/19/1925 at Gardners, PA Died: 12/21/2012 at Transitions Health Care Center, Gettysburg, PA
Carver, H. Marie   Born: 12/25/1918 at New Oxford Died: 12/20/2012 at
Sterner, Joan M.   Born: 6/4/1925 at Harrisburg Died: 12/21/2012 at Gettysburg Lutheran Home
Shultz, Barbara Ann (McDannell)   Born: 8/24/1936 at Gettysburg Died: 12/23/2012 at York Hospital
Williams, Lucille   Born: 12/11/1934 at New Brockton, AL Died: 12/22/2012 at Gettysburg Hospital
Qually, Dolores   Born:  at Worcester, MA Died:  at Gettysburg, PA
Cline, Evelyn M.   Born: 3/26/1934 at Perry County Died: 12/24/2012 at Village of Laurel Run, Fayetteville, PA
Becker, Dean A.   Born: 7/2/1934 at Hanover Died: 12/24/2012 at Hanover Hospital
Rogers, Kelly J.   Born: 5/7/1968 at Lewistown, PA Died: 12/24/2012 at York Springs
Black, Marion L.   Born: 1/16/1944 at Carlisle Died: 12/24/2012 at Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA
Rinker, Mary (Trimmer)   Born: 2/1/1931 at Gettysburg Died: 12/18/2012 at York Hospital, York, PA
Kelbaugh, Delsie S. 'Dodie'   Born: 1/28/1918 at Berkeley Springs, WV Died: 12/18/2012 at Gettysburg Lutheran Retirement Village
Breighner Sr., Gordon Donald   Born:  at Adams Co., PA Died:  at Forest Hill, MD
Whitfield Jr., Carey Mills   Born: 11/6/1921 at Rocky Mount, NC Died: 12/12/2012 at Gettysburg, PA
Laughman, Geraldine M.   Born: 11/30/1922 at New Oxford Died: 12/16/2012 at Hanover Hall
Storm, Raymond E.   Born: 6/28/1928 at Littlestown, PA Died: 12/17/2012 at Gettysburg Lutheran Center, Gettysburg, PA
Sprankle, John M.   Born: 12/27/1941 at Gettysburg Died: 12/17/2012 at Cancer Treatment Ctr. of America, Philadelphia, PA
Ginter, Myrna Grace   Born: 5/9/1920 at Mount Pleasant Township Died: 12/10/2012 at Brethren Home, Hanover, PA
Wineberg Jr., Max R.   Born: 5/28/1937 at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD Died: 12/11/2012 at Golden Living Center, Gettysburg, PA
Hippensteel, Donald A.   Born: 11/2/1937 at Hanover, PA Died: 12/8/2012 at Florida Hospital of Zephyrhillis, FL
Quesinberry, Kathryn A.   Born: 8/17/1944 at Philadelphia Died: 12/10/2012 at Gettysburg, PA
Rigby, Paul   Born: 4/30/1956 at Gettysburg, PA Died: 12/17/2012 at Gettybsurg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
Mixter, Arthur H. 'Otts'   Born: 2/11/1927 at Baltimore, MD Died: 12/17/2012 at Homewod at Plum Creek, Hanover, PA
Moritz, Charles W.   Born: 5/28/1930 at Gettysburg, PA Died: 12/17/2012 at Gettybsurg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
Weant, Howard Ralph   Born: 8/6/1930 at Liberty Township Died: 12/16/2012 at Taneytown MD
Bowermaster, Charles W.   Born: 1/23/1917 at Hedgesville, WV Died: 12/17/2012 at Village of Laurel Run, Fayetteville, PA
Burkard, Dorothy Marie   Born: 7/2/1927 at Mineola, Long Island, NY Died: 12/16/2012 at Emmitsburg MD
Brehm Sr., John G.   Born:  at Gettysburg, PA Died:  at Attlesboro Nursing Home
Sites, Lloyd H.   Born: 5/13/1934 at Fairfield, PA Died: 12/17/2012 at
Washington, Charlie   Born:  at  Died:  at Portage, IN
Grimm, Betty Caldwell   Born: 9/19/1928 at Fincastle, VA Died: 12/6/2012 at Hanover Hospital
Neighbours, Eunice M.   Born: 11/5/1922 at Adams Co., PA Died: 12/9/2012 at St. Catherine's Nursing Center, Emmitsburg, MD
Leatherman, Earl W.   Born: 3/22/1933 at Gettysburg, PA Died: 12/9/2012 at Golden Living Center, Gettysburg, PA
Hull, Joseph J.   Born: 9/18/1942 at Uniontown Died: 12/13/2012 at Frederick Memorial Hospital
Haner, Dorothy Jolly   Born:  at Charleston, SC Died:  at Lutheran Retirement Village, Gettysburg, PA
Bowers, Harry P.   Born: 8/22/1941 at Hanover, PA Died: 12/13/2012 at Bretheran Home Community, New Oxford, PA
Leech, James E.   Born:  at Gettysburg, PA Died:  at Tampa, FL
Staub, Raymond F. 'Bo'   Born: 7/30/1953 at Hanover Died: 12/16/2012 at Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA
Tauscher, Felix   Born: 2/8/1943 at Ladzan, Poland Died: 12/10/2012 at M.S. Hershey Medical Center
Beimler, Dr. Richard P.   Born:  at  Died:  at Hanover
Wisner, Donald J.   Born: 11/28/1932 at York Springs Died: 11/29/2012 at Transition Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA
Bringman, Hugh D.   Born: 3/8/1921 at Biglerville, PA Died: 11/19/2012 at Colonial Manor Nursing Center, York, PA
Adelsberger, Ruth E.   Born: 6/30/1918 at Fairfield, PA Died: 11/30/2012 at Biglerville
Hertz, Vernon A.   Born: 2/1/1922 at Spring Grove, PA Died: 11/29/2012 at
Talbot, Amy L. (Orner)   Born: 7/9/1955 at Gettysburg, PA Died: 12/4/2012 at Harrisburg Hospital, Harrisburg, PA
Sterner, Elise E. Newman   Born: 5/12/1921 at Adams Co., PA Died: 12/9/2012 at Biglerville
Lucini, Jannine S.   Born: 10/22/1966 at Philadelphia Died: 12/7/2012 at Gettybsurg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
Hansen, Corey Joseph   Born: 3/26/1994 at New Oxford, PA Died: 11/30/2012 at Atlanta, GA
Doucette, Calvin John   Born: 3/7/1943 at Dover, NJ Died: 12/7/2012 at Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA
Klunk, Mary G. (Brame)   Born: 9/18/1926 at New Oxford Died: 12/3/2012 at Hanover Hall
Reed, Ernest J.   Born: 10/16/1933 at Flat Top, WV Died: 12/2/2012 at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
Amoss, Calvin Leroy   Born: 12/19/1933 at Sykesville, MD Died: 12/2/2012 at Frederick Memorial Hospital
Bream, Kenneth I.   Born:  at  Died:  at Golden Living Nursing Center, Gettysburg, PA
Bushey, Myrna A.   Born: 1/22/1922 at Menallen Township Died: 12/4/2012 at Gettysburg Lutheran Retirement Village
Chudovan, Mary C. (Yaklich)   Born: 1/1/1915 at Reading, PA Died: 12/3/2012 at Gettysburg Lutheran Retirement Village
Stegner, Robert E. (Pete)   Born: 8/21/1929 at Bowmansdale, PA Died: 12/3/2012 at Middletown, MD
Lane, A. Frances   Born: 12/17/1926 at Lake Ronkonkoma, NY Died: 12/3/2012 at Gettybsurg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
Whisler, Delores K.   Born:  at  Died:  at Holy Spirit Hospital
Yealy, Edgar E 'Bud'   Born: 11/25/1923 at Littlestown, PA Died: 11/30/2012 at Gettysburg Lutheran Home
Wishard, Alice J.   Born: 2/21/1926 at Gettysburg Died: 12/1/2012 at Gettybsurg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
Grove, Matthew J.   Born:  at  Died:  at York Hospital, York, PA
Reed Jr., Ermel E.   Born: 10/18/1925 at Hammond, Indiana Died: 9/11/2012 at Carroll Valley, PA
Steever, Andrew E.   Born: 4/1/1923 at Philadelphia, PA Died: 9/7/2012 at
Stouck, Jr., Warren W.   Born: 10/23/1945 at  Died: 9/11/2012 at
Haven, Richard Anthony 'Dick'   Born: 8/31/1921 at Chicago, IL Died: 9/23/2012 at Fairfield, PA
Aikins, Marie   Born: 3/25/1914 at Distant, PA Died: 12/1/2012 at Transition Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA
Knox, Wilbur N. 'Wib'   Born:  at Gettysburg, PA Died:  at Chestnut Hill Hospital
Miller, Gerald L.W.   Born:  at  Died:  at
Thompson Jr., Myron E.   Born: 2/20/1930 at Washington D.C. Died: 10/30/2012 at Colonial Manor, York, PA
West, Larry A.   Born: 4/12/1961 at Olney, MD Died: 11/2/2012 at York Hospital, York, PA
Stedman, Irene   Born:  at  Died:  at Gettysburg, PA
Kahl, William H.   Born: 1/3/1941 at Johnstown Died: 11/2/2012 at York Hospital