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Introduction :     The library is working in cooperation with the Adams County Historical Society  to expand this database to include all death notices appearing in Gettysburg newspapers from November 1800 to the present. It should be noted that that the names appearing here are typed exactly as they appeared in the various papers. Many names have variant spellings and researchers should search under several possible combinations to ensure accuracy in finding information. Neither the library nor the Society authenticates or otherwise verifies the information listed here. The information will not be changed but is listed as it originally appeared in publication.  

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Gettysburg Truth March 12, 1887 to January 25, 1890, August 23, 1890

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100 Sample Entries:
GRIEST, ALEXANDER W.   Born: 6/10/1929 at Gettysburg PA Died: 6/8/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
BOLLINGER, ROY C.   Born: 4/30/1930 at ChAMBERSBURG PA Died: 6/17/2015 at CHAMBERSBURG PA.
WEHLER, PATRICIA L.   Born: 3/10/1951 at NaSHVILLE TN Died: 6/17/2015 at East Berlin PA
ELLIOT, GLORIA A SIMPSON   Born: 7/7/1929 at MT. KiSCO NY Died: 6/12/2015 at FaYETTEVILLE PA
BUPP, STANLEY ALBERT   Born: 1/14/1930 at GaRDNERS PA. Died: 6/11/2015 at Gardners PA
ZIMMERMAN, BETTY JEAN   Born: 12/19/1942 at GrEENSBORO N.C.aceham, MD Died: 6/22/2015 at New Oxford, PA
STERNER, TRACY R.   Born: 10/24/1970 at YoRK PA. Died: 6/21/2015 at Hanover Hospital, Hanover, PA
HOFFMAN, ELWOOD H.   Born: 7/9/1920 at NeW BRITAIN PA. Died: 6/11/2015 at NoRMANDY RIDGE SENIOR LIVING CENTERkomis, FL
ETZLER, GARY STEVEN   Born: 5/26/1951 at Gettysburg,PA Died: 6/22/2015 at Hanover Hospital, Hanover, PA
CORRELL, JACOB LEE   Born: 9/4/1996 at ToRONTO ONTARIO Died: 6/22/2015 at State College, PA
MEGONNELL, WILLIAM S.   Born: 10/16/1948 at NeW OXFORD PA. Died: 6/24/2015 at PeRRY COUNTY PA.
STRASBAUGH, PAUL I.   Born: 5/12/1930 at ChAMBERSBURGH PA. Died: 6/25/2015 at Orrtanna, PA
SUMMERS JR., JOHN HARRISON   Born: 10/16/1949 at NeW OXFORD PA. Died: 6/27/2015 at AbBOTTSTOWN PA.
KLINGENSMITH, ROBERT   Born: 8/8/1949 at PiTTSBURGH PA. Died: 6/29/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
BROWN, MARGARET   Born: 5/15/1925 at SmOOT W.VA. Died: 12/27/2014 at Gettysburg, PA
MULLINIX, GERALD L.   Born: 3/31/1935 at HoWARD COUNTY MD. Died: 12/27/2014 at FaYETTEVILLE PA
KIMMEL, LENNIE P.   Born: 3/18/1972 at CaMP HILL PA. Died: 12/21/2014 at York Springs, PA
CLIFFORD, BONITA   Born: 7/5/1953 at EvERETT PA Died: 12/26/2014 at NeW OXFORD PA.
SPANGLER, HAZEL H.   Born: 8/15/1922 at GeTTYSBURG PA. Died: 12/17/2014 at AsPERS Pa
WEAVER, RYAN J.   Born: 3/24/1982 at Gettysburg , PA Died: 12/25/2014 at Gettysburg, PA
HELWIG, STERLING L.   Born: 4/30/1924 at TaNEYTOWN MD. Died: 12/23/2014 at Gettysburg, PA
WEISGERBER, JOYCE E SIMPSON   Born: 3/14/1919 at BaTH ENGLAND Died: 12/24/2014 at Gettysburg, PA
STULL, BRADLEY P   Born: 4/5/1949 at HaNOVER PA Died: 12/22/2014 at Gettysburg, PA
MAGRAW, TIMOTHY IAN   Born: 1/14/1947 at ERIE PA. Died: 12/28/2014 at Gettysburg, PA
COLE, ANN POWELL   Born:  at TaRBORO NC Died:  at YORK PA.
UNGER, LARRY   Born: 8/15/1941 at Hanover PA Died: 1/1/2015 at LiTTLESTOWN PA.
EATON, CHARLES FREDERICK   Born: 3/12/1953 at Washington DC Died: 5/17/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
SULT, SONDRA ANN   Born: 8/24/1941 at Washington DC Died: 6/1/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
BRANDT JR., PAUL E.   Born: 6/16/1951 at MECHANICSBURG PA. Died: 5/23/2015 at Gettysburg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
PURKEY, GEORGIA A.   Born:  at  Died:  at
SCHRIVER, PETER J.   Born: 8/15/1950 at GaRDNERS PA. Died: 5/22/2015 at Gettysburg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
JEFFCOAT, JOAN L.   Born: 3/8/1949 at Gettysburg PA Died: 6/6/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
DESIMON, GAYNELLA   Born: 10/26/1914 at BiGLERVILLE PA Died: 6/3/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
ESCHBACH JR., GEORGE E.   Born: 3/30/1930 at TyRONE PA Died: 5/25/2015 at NeW OXFORD PA.
PRICE, MADELINE E.   Born: 4/28/1921 at UnIN MILLS , MD. Died: 6/1/2015 at FaYETTEVILLE
JUNKINS, MATTHEW L   Born: 1/30/1986 at HaNOVER PA. Died: 6/2/2015 at PhILADELPHIA PA.
GREENLEE, KATHRYN   Born: 11/20/1920 at FaIRPORT VA. Died: 6/1/2015 at CaLLAWAY MD.
Hughes II, Howard E.   Born: 2/15/1989 at Gettysburg , PA Died: 5/25/2015 at
Leinbach, Patricia Adriance   Born: 12/31/1940 at Bound Brook, N.J. Died: 5/24/2015 at home.
Nunamaker, Autry T.   Born:  at  Died:  at home.
Hockensmith, Deborah A.   Born: 2/28/1948 at Hanover (Midway) Died: 5/28/2015 at Brethren Home Nurseing Community
Hewitt, Dorsey N.   Born: 4/23/1926 at Menallen Township Died: 5/29/2015 at Harrisburg Hospital
Kuykendall, Connie L.   Born: 6/10/1948 at Gettysburg , PA Died: 5/30/2015 at York Hospital
Swisher, Virginia L.   Born: 7/21/1933 at Fairfield PA Died: 5/29/2015 at home
Martin, T. Michael   Born: 12/24/1949 at Gettysburg , PA Died: 5/30/2015 at home.
Kauffman, Jason   Born: 8/8/1977 at Gettysburg , PA Died: 5/29/2015 at home.
GULDEN, MARIAN MARGARET   Born: 3/29/1943 at WaSHINGTON DC Died: 1/5/2015 at HaNOVER HOSPITAL , PA,
SHEELY, RICHARD E.   Born: 5/12/1938 at HaNOVER PA. Died: 1/7/2015 at HaRRISBURG PA.
WOLF JR., GLENN   Born: 4/29/1939 at REEDSBURG WI. Died: 1/1/2015 at FaIRFIELD PA.
PARKHURST JR., DOUGLAS LEWELLYNN   Born: 12/14/1924 at WaSHINGTON DC Died: 1/5/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
JOHNSON, KIRK WILLIAM   Born: 11/8/1983 at SiLVER SPRING MD. Died: 1/5/2015 at Abbottstown PA
HOFFMAN, DANIEL   Born: 7/16/1929 at GeTTYSBURG PA Died: 1/7/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
ORNDORFF, ANNA R.   Born: 9/3/1911 at NiAGARA FALLS N.Y. Died: 1/10/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
CRAVER, DOROTHY   Born: 1/1/1915 at JERSEY CiTY NEW JERSEY Died: 12/15/2014 at Gettysburg, PA
ZIRK, ROSE MARIE   Born: 11/14/1971 at GeTTYSBURGG HOSPITAL PA. Died: 1/8/2015 at Hanover Hospital, Hanover, PA
`COOKE, KATHRYN   Born: 4/5/1980 at Gettysburg, PA Died: 1/9/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
SMITH, IRL A.   Born: 6/15/1927 at MCSHERRYSTOWN PA. Died: 1/12/2015 at MCSHERRYSTOWN. PA.
MORRIS, NEVA R. MALLOW   Born: 5/29/1923 at GeTTYSBURG Paddes, SD Died: 1/10/2015 at ZEPHYRHILLS FLA.
HUBER, ELIZABETH G.   Born: 11/25/1916 at JoHNSTOWN PA. Died: 1/20/2015 at DuBOIS PA.
DAYHOFF, TREVA BEULAH   Born: 5/12/1924 at NeW OXFORD PA. Died: 1/11/2015 at NeW OXFORD PA
WOLFE, NANCY ELIZABETH   Born: 1/19/1954 at CaRLISLE PA. Died: 6/1/2014 at GeTTYSBURG PA.
GERMANO, PAMELA MARIE   Born: 2/1/1953 at GeTTYSBURG PA. Died: 1/14/2015 at Gettysburg Hospital
MUTH, MARY G.   Born: 8/9/1927 at RiCHMOND TOWNSHIP Died: 5/17/2015 at GeTTYSBURG HOSPITAL PA.
MCCLEAF, ANGELA   Born: 8/7/1927 at MCSHERRYSTOWN PA. Died: 5/18/2015 at HaNOVER PA.
ROWLAND, DR. ALEX T.   Born: 2/25/1931 at KINGSTON N.Y. Died: 5/16/2015 at Gettysburg Hospital
MILLER, FLOYD   Born: 10/6/1937 at LaVALE MD. Died: 4/24/2015 at CoRPUS CHRISTI TEXAS
RICE, WALLACE C.   Born: 2/19/1961 at GeTTTYSBURG PA. Died: 5/19/2015 at GeTTYSBURG PA.
MARTIN, GEORGE F.   Born: 2/8/1920 at SmITHSBURG MD. Died: 5/19/2015 at ChAMBERSBURG HOSPITAL, PA.
STOUFFER, CINDY   Born: 11/4/1924 at MoUNT UNION PA. Died: 5/21/2015 at FaYETTEVILLE PA.
ZHEA, CHARLES ROBERT   Born: 8/24/1941 at GeTTYSBURG PA. Died: 5/20/2015 at HuNTINGTON W.V.
HOLLINGER, JANET C.   Born: 4/20/1934 at AdAMS COUNTY Died: 1/21/2015 at York Springs
COULSON, CLYDE   Born: 4/20/1934 at AdAMS COUNTY Died: 1/21/2015 at YORK SPRINGS PA.
ANGIORLIS, WILLA DEAN   Born: 10/15/1929 at MiLL CREEK OK. Died: 1/14/2015 at Gettybsurg, PA
ATWELL, GERALDINE   Born: 9/22/1940 at LEGORE MD. Died: 1/26/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
CHRONISTER SR., LEROY C.   Born: 3/19/1927 at CaSHTOWN PA.barrus County, NC Died: 1/25/2015 at , Hanover, PA
GRISSOM, DIANA R.   Born: 5/22/1938 at FeLICIANA KY. Died: 1/24/2015 at Gettysburg, PA
COOK, TINA JO   Born: 4/10/1972 at LEWISTOWN PA. Died: 1/16/2015 at OrTANNA Pa.
KING, STEVEN   Born: 1/4/1958 at RiVERSIDE CA. Died: 1/17/2015 at Hanover Hospital, Hanover, PA
EVANS, CHARLES D.   Born: 11/20/1937 at PhILLIPSBURG PA. Died: 1/16/2015 at GeTTYSBURG PA.
ANTHONY, WILLIAM ARDEN   Born:  at  Died:  at Mary Washington Hospital
WARNER, JUNE E.   Born: 10/19/1931 at LiTTLESTOWN PA. Died: 1/30/2015 at LiTTLESTOWN PA.
MCLUAGHLIN JR., WILLIAM DENNIS   Born: 9/16/1969 at WaSHINGTON DC Died: 1/24/2015 at GeTTYSBURG PA.
PETERS, DARLENE D.   Born: 9/17/1939 at GeTTYSBURG PA. Died: 1/30/2015 at CaMP HiLL PA.
FISHEL SR., DOUGLAS G.   Born: 6/18/1934 at DiLLSBURG PA. Died: 1/27/2015 at GeTTYSBURG PA
HOSTETTER, ARMIN A.   Born: 9/8/1927 at HaNOVER PA.ckensack, NJ Died: 1/29/2015 at Hanover Hospital, Hanover, PA
KITZINGER, CONNIE MARIE   Born: 2/17/1955 at GeTTYSBURG PA. Died: 1/28/2015 at GeTTYSBURG PA.
SHOEMAKER, FRANCES ALEXANDER   Born: 9/24/1926 at Fulton County Died: 1/29/2015 at Hanover Hospital, Hanover, PA
PRICE, CECIL E.   Born: 11/3/1939 at ShOUNS TN. Died: 1/28/2015 at Gettysburg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA
STARNER III, LEROY E.   Born: 10/31/1991 at GeTTYSBURG PA. Died: 5/2/2015 at AsPERS , PA.
MINER, THERESA A.   Born: 12/23/1942 at NeW OXDORD PA. Died: 5/15/2015 at Hanover Hospital
GABLE, MELANIE A.   Born: 2/11/1964 at HaNOVER PA. Died: 5/17/2015 at NeW OXFORD PA.
WOOD, MARION G.   Born: 5/23/1940 at GeTTYSBURG PA. Died: 1/25/2015 at EmMITSBURG MD.-
BRENDLE, MURIEL P.   Born: 8/11/1918 at CaRROLL COUNTY MD. Died: 1/23/2015 at NeW OXFORD PA.
ROTHER, HARRY F.   Born: 10/3/1925 at FREELAND MD. Died: 1/27/2015 at HaNOVER PA.
MORITZ, MICHAEL B.   Born: 6/9/1960 at YoRK SPRINGS PA. Died: 2/5/2015 at HERSHEY MEDICAL CENTER
MARTHERS JR., CHARLES ALFRED   Born: 4/20/1927 at NoRWICH CT. Died: 2/4/2015 at CoLUMBIA MD.